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Morning vibes

Do you remember last time you woke up feeling refreshed, energized, thus tired in a good way? The typical Sunday feeling where you haven’t been out the night before, your apartment looks decently clean and the morning sunbeams shine lightly through the curtains. You wake up without any big plans for the day, just eager to have that first cup of coffee and slowly “carpe diem” for the whole day….


This is what it feels like waking up along the Moroccan coastline. Every single early morning in Morocco is blessed with a stunning sunrise, and as the chilly nights convert into warmer temperatures there is this mist that lies above the land; which is what gives us the reason to call this country “Magical Morocco”. The morning starts slowly for everyone here in the Taghazout area and the temperatures are perfectly fresh. Not too cold, not too warm, just fresh.

The morning is the most important part of our day, and we see every single morning as a new beginning; a special moment where you need to nourish your body with healthy nutritious food as well as fuel your soul with good music, relaxing atmosphere and great views. We have two different scenarios of THE perfect morning, which plays out somewhat like this:

  • The regular morning routine where the day starts off with an early sunrise yoga, one hour of surf-focused vinyasa yoga with low intensity, allowing both your brain and your body to slowly wake up. Breakfast awaits after yoga, where we enjoy a big breakfast buffet filled with only fresh, healthy, locally and organically grown products. Loads of nutritious foods, freshly pressed juices and delicious coffee to keep us full and content for a long time. After breakfast we grab our wetsuits, saddle up the car and leave the house to enjoy a day of surfing, sun and beach-hangs!

  • The early morning routine consists of waking up before anyone else in order to catch the sunrise from the lineup and surf before anyone else is out in the water. We wake up for a coffee and a snack while it's still dark and goes straight to the car to find the best surf spot of today. First light surf allows us to sit on our surfboards and see from the outside that the world wakes up. It’s a truly beautiful experience and the best part is that the same breakfast as earlier described will taste a million times better after a first light surf!

In the Taghazout area we have some go-to spots in case we have to wait for the tide, if we have some administrative work to be done or if we just don’t feel like surfing that particular morning. World of Waves is definitely the best place for a morning coffee, with their nice breakfast menu and an incredible view of the waves at Hashpoint beach. A great place for early mornings and a couple of hours remotely work. Speaking of remote work we have two other favorites such as Cafe Mouja; where you can sit inside with reliably wifi, oceanfront view and be sipping one of their many delicious smoothies and juices.

Babakoul is also a nice gem to get some work done, with strong wifi and a delicious menu. This is a well-known hangout place in Tamraght where you’ll be sure to meet your fellow surfer from today's line up! If we go back to where we talked about healthy, nutritious food there is one place that beats them all. Let`s Be serves you dishes you can’t stop watching and as you dig in you can’t stop eating. Every individual plate is a masterpiece of healthy, organic, wholesome food made with true love and passion. If you don’t believe us, just have a look at their instagram page.

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