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The small fishing villages of Tamraght, Taghazout, Aourir and Imi Ouaddar are located only 20 km north from Agadir and a 40 minutes drive from Agadir Airport. Since European hippies found this gem in the early 70s, it has become a mecca for surfers from all around the world. Here you’ll find an incredible amount of world class surf spots along the coastline.


Our retreats are strategically located in Tamraght, serving as a perfect launchpad for daily surf adventures. Within a 30 km radius, both south and north of Tamraght, we have access to over 20 diverse surf spots, ensuring an abundance of options regardless of the daily forecast. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the perfect wave each day; we've got it covered!

Step outside our doorstep, and you'll discover a vibrant local scene, featuring cozy cafés, restaurants, shops, a pharmacy, surf shops, and an ATM. The beach, along with the renowned surf spots Devils Rock and Crocs, is a convenient 10-minute walk from our surf house, inviting you to embrace the surf and sun just minutes away from your retreat

Here is an outline of how a week with the happy surfers might look like

This will of course depend on the swell, weather forecast and other external factors we need to take into account

  • October 5th - 12th 2024

    Starts Oct 5

    From 810 euro

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  • October 12th - 19th 2024

    Starts Oct 12

    From 810 euro

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Our additional activities you can book on site:

Paradise valley day-trip /350dh per person

Paradise Valley was a hippie hangout back in the 60s. With crystal clear rock pools and beautiful nature, it's the perfect location for a quick getaway from the sandy coast. From where the transport will drop us off, there is a small hike into the valley, so wear good shoes for walking. When we reach the second rock pool we will stay here for some sunbathing, swimming and cliff jumping. Some might want to continue the hike further into the valley for some great scenery! On our way out from the valley we will stop by one of the local restaurants for some delicious tagine out in nature!

On the way we also stop at a local Argan oil cooperative. The cooperatives in Morocco is something to learn more about before your visit as the story is remarkable, and the Argan oil product is incredibly nutritious.


​What's included in the price:

  • Transport

  • Hiking, cliff jumping & relaxing

  • Visit to an Argan oil cooperative

  • Local tagine for lunch



Imsouane surfing and sandboarding day-trip /450dh per person

This dreamy destination in Morocco is one of our favourite surf trip destinations in the area. Imsouane is also known as the Magic Bay and for a good reason: The coastline offers spectacular views, completely hidden by the mountains, where you can catch the longest waves of all Africa and experience the vibrant and friendly vibes in this village!

Depending on tide, but most likely we'll head up north on a 1,5h trip along the coastline, right after breakfast. On arrival you'll be stunned by the beauty of the incoming sets of waves. We will surf, enjoy the spectacular beach, skate the streets of Imsouane and have a delicious lunch of fresh fish BBQ or Tajine. On our way back we will visit what we call “mini-Sahara” and we will surf the sand dunes!


What's included in the price:​

  • Transport /with surf equipment

  • Freesurf and beach hang

  • Fish BBQ/Tajine for lunch

  • Sandboarding


Souk afternoon activity /200dh per person

Souk El Had is the third biggest market in North Africa. A popular place with locals and tourists alike. Vendors sell an assortment of traditional Moroccan items, such as pottery, ceramic, rugs, pouf, crafts, clothes and musical instruments, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and everyday household goods. You’ll find almost anything you can think of here, from food and toiletries to home furnishings, electronics, jewelry and handicrafts.

The souk is definitely worth a visit!

​​What's included in the price:​

  • Transport

  • Guidance inside the souk

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